Our little cocktail box started out as a 1982 Sinclair Horsebox, converted by Steve at the Hungry Horsebox Company - check out our Blog and Gallery to see its transformation. 

We stock a full bar, but our speciality is high quality cocktails - check out our Menu. The bar is neutral in colour so that it can blend in at any event and we can jazz it up a bit if you want to add a splash of colour to suit your own theme. We provide friendly customer service to a high standard. 

The bar has a side-hatch for bottles and shots in addition to the main bar hatch. We offer several types of hire - see Services - and refund your booking fee when your event spend reaches £1500. 

You can read more about us in some blog posts other people have published about The Little Cocktail Box: 

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We offer an open bar (if you're treating your guests), or a cash bar (if they're buying their own). We can also do a mixture of the two - a popular option is to offer a welcome drink for £4 per person (Bellini, Mimosa or Prosecco). We can also do a drink voucher if you want your guests to choose when to have a drink on you.

Whichever option you go for, we only take a £250 booking fee to secure your date that is refunded when your event spend reaches £1500. The minimum spend is only £750. 

Here are some things we can guarantee you will get if you book with us.  

Trained, Passionate Bartenders

We set up our company because we have a passion for what we do; we make sure that our staff do too.

High Quality Drinks

We are sticklers for quality and nothing passes from our bar to your hand lest it meets the highest of standards.

An Attractive Bar

Our head-turning horsebox bar will add to the aesthetics of your event. We like to think we are quite contemporary with a nod to vintage style.




Tutto Bene! A Florentine classic. Campari, London dry gin & sweet vermouth stirred over ice & served with a fresh orange wedge. Short, strong & unmistakably Italian! 


Shaken not stirred, just as Mr B preferred! Portobello Rd gin shaken with Grey Goose vodka. Double strained into a chilled Martini glass & garnished with large green olives or a lemon twist. Ask for it dirty if you love olives! 


Tall, sweet & spicy, straight from the Lone Star state. Aromatic herbal gin, Framboise liqueur & fresh lime shaken with root ginger. Finished with mint, black pepper and fresh raspberries. 


It’s like Spring in your mouth! Fresh muddled mint with elderflower, herbaceous gin, cloudy apple juice & cucumber bitters. Shaken with ice & garnished with edible flowers & ribboned cucumber. 


Well worth the wait...

Maple Bacon washed bourbon stirred to perfection over ice with La Fee clementine bitters, brown cane sugar & flamed orange peel.


Hey I’m walking here! Rye whisky & Lillet Blanc shaken until frosted, with pineapple, Angostura bitters, red apple & ice. A New York classic.


Our signature tipple! Spiced rum shaken with single cream & agave syrup. Served up & neat with dark chocolate & honeycomb shavings & burnt orange. 


Prohib is over! Canadian Rye whisky shaken with sweet vermouth and Peychaud bitters. Served up & neat with dried orange. 


No good story started with a glass of water. Strong, long & oh so wrong! Vodka, Rum, Gin, Tequila & Triple Sec shaken with fresh lemon juice & layered over ice. Topped with Cola & garnished with lime & citrus peel.


You can’t swing a cat in Milan without hitting one of these bad boys! Prosecco, Aperol & soda with oodles of ice & fresh orange. Grazie amore mio.


A Manhattan staple made famous by the Sex & the city girls! Citron vodka & Triple Sec shaken with fresh lime & cranberry juice. Double strained neat & garnished with a lime wheel. 


Probably the second tastiest thing Mexico has gifted the world after Salma Hayek. Tequila Reposado & Triple Sec shaken with fresh lime juice, sugar, dried chilli & basil. Served neat & up or on the rocks. Available classic for the Puritans!

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